Three Tips For A Good Exhibit Banner

Posted on: 11 February 2016

At a convention or exhibit, a well-designed banner can be a major drawing point. A good banner won't just draw the attention of spectators; it will also drive them in your direction, helping you establish a lead and hopefully, a successful transaction. Make sure you're designing your exhibit banner with this goal in mind. Here are some tips to assist you.

Keep Easy Reading In Mind

Don't overlook the fact that potential clients need to be able to easily read your banner. For this reason, all content should be in an easy to read font: avoid using fonts that are excessively fancy or busy.

Make a point not to include too much information as this will overcrowd the sign and lead to reading difficulties. The name of your business, a slogan or catchphrase and any current promotion you might have going on are sufficient. Save everything else for a face-to-face conversation or a brochure.

Research Color

If you're designing the banner for one specific event, consider calling the exhibition hall to find out what color their curtained partitions. Having this information will help when it comes to knowing what colors not to choose for your banner. In fact, you want to choose colors that offer the greatest contrast. For instance, with black partitions, a yellow or orange banner would create a strong contrast.

A banner that is similarly colored to its background will easily blend in and be almost impossible to read for those people located a distance away from your booth. A contrasting color will serve as an automatic attraction point.

Remember Logo Placement

Make sure you are keeping the placement of your logo at the top of the banner. In many exhibit areas, there are tables and partitions that can partially block the view of your banner. If you place your logo at the base of the banner or in the middle, these obstructions will likely cover it up.

By keeping your logo at the top, you make it easier to view, especially for those people who might be on the opposite side of the exhibit floor. Remember, the sole purpose for being at the convention is to showcase your brand, so don't let anything get in your way.

A successfully designed banner can help boost your success at the event. Make sure you are taking your time and also relying on the expertise of a printing specialist like Mission Signs.


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