4 Key Types Of Retail Signage For First-Time Retail Business Owners

Posted on: 4 May 2016

If you are in the process of opening your first small retail business, you need to think carefully about the different types of signs that your new business is going to need. You are going to need more than an outside business to advertise your company to people passing by. You are also going to need additional signage inside of your business. Here are the five key types of retail signs that you may need to make for your new business:

#1 Branded Signage

The first type of signage that you need to create for your new retail business is branded signage. This type of signage is designed specifically to communicate information about your new business to potential customers. 

Your outdoor sign that advertises to passersby should be a branded sign. The whole purpose of branded signage is to communicate and reinforce your message and aesthetics to your customers. It is about establishing the type of experience that your business offers.

#2 Informative

The second type of sign that you need to create for your new retail business is informative signs. These signs are temporary signs that are designed to communicate important messages to potential clients. These are signs that you may only use once, or for special occasions. An example of informative signs include signs that are used to promote the opening of your business or to promote a specific event you are promoting. The main purpose of informative signs is to convey information to your customers.

#3 Value Demonstration

The third type of sign you need to design is value demonstration. These signs are more focused on creating a sense of urgency in your customers and encouraging sales. Value demonstrative signs are used to promote sales or special items. They should be used within your retail store to help customers spot special deals. 

#4 Directional

Finally, the fourth type of sign that you need to create for your new business are directional signs. You want to make sure that your directional signs fit in with the overall feel of your business as a whole, as these signs will be permanently displayed inside of your business. Some examples of directional signs include department or section signs, as well as bathroom signs. 

As you get ready to open your new retail business, make sure that you have signs that convey your brand message, inform customers, promote sales and discounts and help your customers navigate through your store. Visit Signs In One Day for more ideas.


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