Effective Ways To Use A Church Sign

Posted on: 3 June 2016

Exterior signs are an important feature for churches. They are an easily visible method of listing service times and special announcements, but they can be used for much more. The investment in a large, attractive sign is one that is expensive enough that every church staff should do all they can to get the ultimate value from its use. 

Add a Website

Many churches are using the Internet to spread their message. Websites are a wonderful way for elderly or ill members to stay connected to their church family, and they are meaningful to members who have had to move out of the area. They are also a means of introduction for people seeking a new church or considering attending for the first time. With the web address prominently displayed on the sign, it will be easy for everyone to know where to look for more information. 

Include a Message

People often rely on their Sunday services to lift them out of depression or give them hope during a difficult time in their lives. Why wait until Sunday? Use the board to provide a quick motivational message or offer a bit of scripture that can comfort or strengthen. It should be something that would be enjoyable, memorable and easy enough for a passerby to read and appreciate. 

Assist the Community

The church can help to draw attention to good causes even if it is not directly involved with a specific fundraiser, community event or other activity. Mention the dinner being held at a local restaurant to benefit a family in need or remind people of the free health assessments available at the local clinic event. Anything that is good for the community is something the church should want to promote. 

Make it Personal 

Include the name of the pastor or minister and other valuable staff members. Add congregation members' names on their birthdays or announce when couples are celebrating a special anniversary. List the names of members' children when they graduate from the local high school or draw attention to any achievement someone in the congregation has reached. 

A church sign from a company like DeMars Signs is a convenient way to make the organization seem less intimidating and more welcoming to strangers. It is also the perfect method of showing community spirit and reminding parishioners that they are important. Daily messages only take a few minutes to prepare and add to the sign and the rewards can be significant. 


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