Humor Helps Pet Shop Storefront Signs

Posted on: 3 June 2016

Pet lovers are always seeking out a good pet supply store known for stocking all the many things necessary for proper care. Proprietors of these shops do have to let animal lovers know their stores exist. Well-crafted storefront signs help pet shops capture attention and avoid blending anonymously into the background amidst all the other stores. Infusing a bit of humor into a fantastic pet store sign is going to grab potential customers' eyes.

Understand the Marketing Psychology of Humor

Effectively weaving humor into any type of marketing strategy could reap big rewards for a small business. Placed in a sign, humor may end up allowing a smaller pet shop stand out from the larger chain establishments. A research study shows 80% of those aged 18 to 21 are going to remember advertisements that make them laugh. Advertisements that stick in people's minds are good ones. So are ads that develop some sort of connection. A humorous sign directed towards a specific, narrow market humor has a brilliant way of developing rapport with that audience. Rapport makes people feel comfortable. Small businesses able to build such feelings end up being able to draw in new customers.

In short, humor has a lot of value to a pet store hoping to build its customer base. The following are two examples of the humorous sign approach in action:

  • Adding Fun Imagery to Define the Shop

Presenting a unique look while also being recognizable is a helpful design strategy necessary for any business owner hoping to maximize value from a sign. A sign presenting an animal is good for marketing since it aids in identifying the business as a pet shop. A standing sandwich board with a life-size German Shepherd is eye-catching and defines the type of store the sign promotes, but there is a blandness to the sign. Bland does not motivate patrons.

A five-foot-tall, smiling, cartoonish alligator, however, is going to do a lot more than just capture attention. It leads people to pause and look more closely at the sign. They'll remember the sign and the store connected with the display.  Plus the sign makes them laugh, which puts the store in a positive light in the mind of would-be customers.

  • Employing Humor to Advertise Additional Services

Pet shops have to let customers know they are selling more than just food and toys. A sign with a cat in a bubble bath using a scrub brush on its back has a fun way of revealing the shop offers pet baths. An illustrative sign such as this not only makes people laugh, but it is much easier to see than dull text proclaiming "dog and cat bath services available".

Another thing to remember here is people do not want to see their pets harmed. They have to feel at ease about entrusting their pet to a bather or groomer. A humorous sign could assist with this result.

Parting Thoughts

And speaking of the best results, be sure the sign is made by professional designers. This way, the humor comes across in the most impacting manner. You can find more information about how to use signs to make your business stand out by clicking here.


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