Advertising Your Classroom's Fundraising Event

Posted on: 29 July 2016

If you are a teacher and are soon hosting a fundraiser on your school's grounds to gain money for a class trip, attracting attention from community members will be necessary for you to receive as much money as possible. Here are some ways you can get the word out to those in the area so they stop by the event you are holding to help you meet your monetary goals.

Send Flyers Home with All Students

Make a trendy-looking flyer with all pertinent information listed upon it announcing the fundraising event. This can be photocopied in the school if you get clearance for paper usage. If the demand is too high for copiers, bring the flyer to a local office-supply company to make multiple copies. Send these flyers home with each child in the school so parents are aware of the festivities you will be offering.

Create a Roadside Banner

Enlist help from your class to decorate a banner to be placed in front of your school or tied to a fence in a busy public area. Make sure to make the lettering large enough so passersby will be able to read the material if they are in a vehicle. The date and time of the event should be legible and added in a dark color on a light-colored background. Have children paint pictures for the border of the banner for a personalized touch. The lettering can also be painted on a vinyl background, or stickers can be used to ensure readability.

Use Vehicles to Spread the Word

Invest in a few magnetic signs to place on vehicles to promote the event throughout the town. These can be given to other school teachers or some of the parents of children in the class. Ask drivers to bring their vehicle into highly populated areas during peak times of the day to ensure a wider viewing. The vehicles can be parked in busy shopping centers or along streets where traffic will be sure to notice them. Make sure drivers bring the vehicles to areas where there are several stop lights or stop signs as well, as people in neighboring vehicles will have more time to read the signs this way.

Hand Out Information at a Willing Store

Some stores will allow groups to give out information or sell wares in their front entryway if it is for a good cause. School groups are often allowed to get their word out to others in this manner. Have some of your classmates join you in handing out flyers to those entering or leaving a popular business in your area. Consider giving out a coupon for a free item the recipient can pick up at the fundraising event to make it more likely they will stop by to give money for your trip.

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