3 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Banner Stand Investment

Posted on: 7 November 2016

One of the most expensive parts of advertising with banners is investing in the actual banner stand. Here are three tips that will help you get the most mileage out of the investment that you made into your banner stands. 

#1 Take It With You

It is important to realize that banner stands are really portable. They break down easily and should come with a storage case when you purchase one; if your banner stand does not come with a storage case, consider investing in one. 

You can easily take a banner stand with you when you have to go to a trade show or expo. Banner stands are a great way to add to your booth. Whereas the primary banner that goes across the top of your tent or booth lets people know the name and general purpose of your business, banner stands allow you to convey a more specific message and information about your business to participants at the trade fair and expos that your business attends. It provides you with a great opportunity to get more messages across visually with your booth set-up and can even add a feeling of depth and space to your booth. 

#2 Use It To Enhance Your Lobby

When you are not at a trade show or an expo, do not put away your banner stand. A banner stand can be very effective within your business as well, even if you have a really small space. 

Banner stands work particularly well in reception areas or office lobbies, where you are most likely going to have customers waiting for help. In these areas, invest in banner signs that are a little more text-heavy and provide customers with valuable information about services, pricing, or specials within your business. Banner stands in the waiting or reception area give you a chance to make a second-impression on customers and provide them with additional useful information.

#3 Invest In Double-Sided Graphics

Finally, do not feel like you have to stick to the same old message that you first ordered with your banner stands. The graphic or vinyl within your stand is actually really affordable to replace, which is why you should have multiple vinyl or canvas graphics ready to go into your banner stand.

You can get more out of your investment by having double-sided vinyl or canvas graphics printed. That allows you to switch sides with your graphic banner when you need to in order to convey two different messages, or if you can set up your banner stand so that people can read both sides, double-sided graphics allow you to display two messages at once. 

Get the most out of your new banner stands by taking them with you to expos and trade fairs, using them inside of your reception or waiting area, and printing out new double-sided banners when needed. 

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