Real Estate Sign Enhancements: Examples And How They Work To Improve The Flow Of Interested Buyers

Posted on: 3 October 2018

Real estate signs notify passers-by that you are selling your home. However, neighborhoods where there are lots of homes for sale may just make the sign in your yard another blur. You can change that by requesting some real estate sign enhancements. These enhancements will help draw more attention and increase the flow of interested buyers. Here are some examples of those enhancements and how they increase buyer foot traffic.

Multicolored Pennant Flag Streamers

These streamers are attached to the main sale sign in the yard and can be secured in front of or behind the sign, going from the ground to the sign. The effect is that the eye is drawn in first by the colors of all of these pennant flag streamers, and then the pointed triangle shapes of the pennants point toward the sale sign. It has a two-edged effect of grabbing buyers' attention, and then making them look in the direction that the pennant flags from the streamers are pointing. This enhancement is especially effective during open house days.


Banners can hang from the front of the house to the sign in the yard, or over the front door and windows. The best way to draw in more attention is to make the banner two-sided, and then attach one end to the sign and one end to the front of the house. This way, people driving by can read the banner from both sides, the eye is drawn in to see what the banner says, and the banner makes people look at both the house and the real estate sign in the yard. It tends to attract a lot of attention, which is the whole point to using a banner in this fashion. 


Lights enhance a real estate sign in one of two ways. Either the sign actually lights up itself, or you can light the sign from the ground up in spotlight form or light it from above downward. Either way, people see the sign at night, and may stop to take an information leaflet. It helps to promote your home for sale in the dark of night as well as during the day. It doubles the potential number of interested parties who may not have noticed the "for sale" sign in the dark. This is especially important if you have a lot of third shift workers living in your city who would not notice the sign during the day when they are sleeping. 


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