5 Different Types Of Headstones For Your Grave

Posted on: 6 September 2019

If you want to be buried, it is a responsible idea to choose your grave and headstone. This will allow you to have the grave that you want and will save your family from having to handle this task later. When it comes to choosing a headstone, there are a variety of different styles for you to choose from.

Upright Headstone

An upright headstone is one where there is a base at the bottom, with a tall vertical stone that extends from the base. The tall vertical stone is often called a tablet. Upright headstones have two pieces. These types of headstones are heavy, weighing hundreds of pounds each. Upright headstones are the type that are most common in cemeteries and are the type of headstones people picture when they hear the word.

Slanted Gravestone

Slanted gravestones have become more popular over time. With a slanted gravestone—or slant marker—the headstone has a wide base that goes upward to a tapered top. The gravestone is usually set in cement. The front upward face of a slanted gravestone looks similar to an upright headstone, but usually takes up less space. Traditionally, upright headstones were used for family plots, and slanted gravestones were used for individual plots within the family plot. However, many people use slanted gravestones now due to their low-profile image.

Bevel Marker

A bevel marker is really similar to a slanted gravestone. The difference is the slant Is not as steep because the back of the marker is raised up so that it is a few inches taller than the front of the marker. The marker is installed several inches above the ground, but it looks almost flat when looking at the area where the message is engraved on the stone.

Ledger Marker

A ledger marker is different than the three headstones described above. A ledger market is a thick piece of stone that is designed to cover the entire grave. Ledger markers are often used with another type of headstone, as well. Ledger markers are made of high-quality stone such as sandstone, marble, or granite. These stones weight thousands of pounds and are very expensive.

Flush Marker

On the opposite spectrum from the ledger marker is the flush marker. A flush market is simple and affordable. A flush marker is raise a couple of inches from the ground, which is why they are also known as raised-top flat markers. Flush markers are usually made from either bronze or granite. Flush gravestones may still have elaborate messages even though the gravestone is smaller; they often have words engraved into the stone, as well as images and symbols.

The type of marker you chose for your grave may depend upon the cemetery where you want to be buried. They may have rules and regulations regarding types of headstones. For more information on headstones, visit a company such as Aubrey Sign Co.


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