Buying Traffic Light Systems

Posted on: 16 November 2020

Traffic lights are essential for keeping traffic flowing smoothly while also reducing the risk of accidents. Unfortunately, there are misconceptions about buying and installing traffic lights that can lead to some mistakes.

Myth: Only Governments Need To Buy Traffic Lights

There is a common belief that only local governments will need to purchase traffic lights. However, there are other entities that may also need to purchase these traffic control systems. For example, many residential developments may actually have fully private roads. In these communities, installing traffic lights can make it possible to more effectively control the flow of traffic through the major roads in the community. Luckily, there are traffic light providers that are able to provide these entities with as many or as few traffic lights as they need.

Myth: All Traffic Light Systems Provide The Same Functionalities

When you are responsible for buying traffic lights, it is important to consider the types of functionalities that you want from your traffic light system. For example, some of these lights will use LED bulbs. These bulbs can be as bright as traditional traffic lights, but they will use less energy while offering a vastly longer lifespan. Furthermore, some of these traffic lights can be connected to computerized systems that allow you to gain information about the traffic that flows through the intersections. In contrast, other systems will simply be on a basic timer that you can set for almost any interval. Communities that are undergoing rapid growth may benefit from smart traffic lights as they can utilize the traffic information for future planning efforts.

Myth: It Will Be Extremely Difficult To Power The Traffic Lights

While it may seem as though it will be difficult to provide power for these traffic light systems, this may not be the case. There are solar-powered traffic lights that do not require a power connection to be installed. These systems will also have a lower operating cost as you will not have to pay for power. While this can be an efficient option, you will need to ensure that the area where the traffic lights are to be installed will receive enough sunlight. Any substantial shade could significantly reduce the power output of the solar panel, which may inhibit the functionality of these lights. Also, these light systems will need to utilize LED bulbs due to the lower amount of power that they require.

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