Understanding The Power Pole Tags On Wood Utility Poles That You May Be Working On

Posted on: 11 April 2022

Power and utility poles hold a lot of vital equipment, so it is essential that the utility companies using those poles can quickly identify the pole and what is on it. The power pole tags affixed to the base hold a lot of information. Depending on how many utilities share the pole, there can be multiple tags that need to be deciphered by personnel when they arrive to work on the equipment or wires.

Aluminum Tags

There are a few different power pole tags commonly used by utility companies, and one of those is an aluminum tag with some numbers embossed into the metal. The tag is typically attached to the wood utility pole with a large nail through the center. It will often include a pole number, pole installation date, and identifying numbers that indicate who owns the pole.

More modern power pole tags may have a barcode or a QR code on them that the utility worker can scan to get details about the pole and who owns it in some areas. While older poles do not use the new tags everywhere, many companies are changing them as they replace the poles in their system.

When another utility leases space on the pole, they will add a tag with their company information and identifying numbers that allow other users to look and see what they need to be mindful of if they are climbing or working on the pole. 

Buying Power Pole Tags

Finding power pole tags for sale is pretty straightforward, and there are companies that custom make them for you in the style you need, with the information you require. Some standardized designs are commonly used to ensure each utility company can decipher the information quickly and easily.

When you are looking for a company to make your power pole tags, you may want to check with the pole manufacturer to see if they have someone they use for the initial tags or check the internet for providers. It is vital that you talk to the manufacturer to ensure the information and design are suitable for your tags before they start making them.

Many times you can start with a specified id number on the tag, and the manufacturer will keep track of what they have printed so you can order more the pick up where the last tags left off easily. If you are using a simple tracking number, consider adding the bar code to the tag so outside services can scan the code for information. The bar code can eliminate the need to take valuable time out to call and have someone look up the number before another company can start making repairs to their equipment on the pole.    

For more information, look at power pole tags for sale in your area. 


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