Using Your Store's Awning To Attract Customers

Posted on: 3 June 2016

If you just had an awning installed on the front of your store, you will most likely soon be enjoying the many benefits it provides. There are several ways you can utilize your awning to the fullest of so it can be used as a method to gain additional customers. Here are some great ways to incorporate your awning into your advertising scheme in an attempt to gain sales as a result.

Offer A Relaxing Area For Patrons To Use

When you have an awning on your building in use, you may notice people will congregate underneath at times when there is inclement weather or hot blazing rays of sun present. Make the area more inviting for those passing by with the addition of several rocking chairs for the public to use. This will be a thoughtful gesture that may actually help you increase your customer base. After someone relaxes for a bit while getting out of harsh conditions, they may feel inclined to come inside of your store to take a look around.

Use The Area For Sidewalk Sales

Add some vinyl signs directly to the front of your awning indicating you are planning on holding a sidewalk sale. Place several racks of clothing or shelves full of your wares in the front of your store area so those walking by can browse without the need to go inside of the establishment. Place a table with a worker and cash register in front of the building so sales can be rung up quickly. The sign on the front of the awning, along with the hub-bub of merchandise and patrons in front of your store, will be sure to attract additional people to take a look at what you are selling.

Dress Up The Awning To Make It Noticed

An awning in itself is often noticed as it will have wording on the front alerting others about the store's name or what type of products are being sold inside. Increase the attention to the awning even further by adding a few enhancements to make the eyes wander in its direction. Tie several helium-filled balloons to the sides of the awning to help draw attention to the storefront. People will think there is a sale or special event in the area, making them walk or drive over to take a closer look. Add a string of lighting along the awning's bottom to illuminate the front of your store during night-time hours, as well. Talk to an awning company, like Hightech Signs, for more help.


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