Determining The Best Material For Your Workplace Safety Signage

Posted on: 12 January 2023

Safety signs are essential for ensuring the safety of your workers and other people that may access your workplace. And, if there is a significant threat to safety that can't be avoided or mitigated in any other way, these signs may be required by law.

Since signs can be manufactured using different materials, like glass, plastic, vinyl, acrylic, fiberglass, aluminum, aluminum composite, and steel, you can create safety signage tailored to your specific usage requirements.

Consider the following critical factors when choosing materials for your safety signs.


Different sign materials react differently to different environmental factors. As a result, the durability of safety signs can vary greatly depending on where they're installed and the material used to make them. 

When picking a material for your safety signs, consider their application. Materials ideal for indoor use, like plastic and vinyl, may not hold up well outdoors unless they're used only as a temporary signage solution.

To maximize the durability of your outdoor safety signs, aim for aluminum, fiberglass, or other materials that offer superior resistance against harsh outdoor conditions.


Signage maintenance is an essential but often overlooked aspect of any workplace safety program. When you fail to correct problems on time, your signs won't adequately communicate safety risks and hazards to workers and visitors. As a result, workplace accidents and injuries will increase.

When choosing your safety signage material, consider how much maintenance the material will require to remain in pristine condition. For example, metal signs with safety labels painted onto the surface will require periodic repainting to fix peeling or fading paint. If you do not wish to periodically repaint your signs, it would be best to choose low-maintenance materials that come with protected graphics.


As with other types of commercial signage, the cost of safety signs can vary widely depending on their construction material. Materials that offer high performance and durability tend to attract high prices because of their superior quality. 

That said, the correct material for your workplace safety signage is the one that suits your intended application and fits within your budget range. Before creating a budget or your safety signs, it is recommended that you research prices to know how much you should expect to spend to get effective signage solutions.

Are you looking for high-quality signage solutions for your workplace? Talk to a commercial sign manufacturer today to discuss your specific needs.


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